Plainwell bus crosses in front of train

PLAINWELL, Mich. (WOOD) — The superintendent of Plainwell Community Schools says a longtime bus driver is on administrative leave after pictures surfaced of his bus crossing in front of an oncoming train, with kids in tow.

Superintendent Matt Montange says a letter was sent home to parents Friday afternoon explaining the situation.

Herb Theodore says warning lights were flashing at the crossing when it happened Thursday afternoon.

“And he stopped, opened his door, and looked both ways, flashers going. And then he took off across the crossing,” said Theodore, who snapped the photos that eventually spread across social media.

Theodore says seconds after he took the first photos, the train’s triangular headlights came into view.

Herb Theodore captured photos of a Plainwell school bus driving across some train tracks even though the warning lights were flashing. (Jan. 11, 2018)

“It’s just not something you would expect somebody to do with a bus load of kids,” Theodore added.

State law says any vehicle is prohibited from crossing train tracks while warning signals are activated, unless a police officer is there to allow you to cross.

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