PFAS crisis spreads in Algoma Township

ALGOMA TOWNSHIP — Mary Gelderbloom wasn’t surprised when tests found high levels of PFAS, a likely carcinogen, in the well she’s used for 31 years.

Her level: 338.2 parts per trillion, five times the EPA advisory level for drinking water.

She lives in Algoma Township, west of U.S. 131, at 11 Mile Road and Jewell Avenue NE.

She wasn’t surprised, she said, because relatives who live nearby also had high readings, one of those 10 times the EPA’s limit.

But while Algoma Township already plans to provide city water to homes on the east side of U.S. 131, north of the 10 Mile Road Meijer store, there are no such plans for Gelderbloom’s side of the highway.

A new Michigan Department of Environmental Quality report shows 44 wells in Algoma Township — north of 10 Mile Road — with PFAS levels over the EPA limit.

Full Story via WOODTV


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