Trump: Asia trip ‘tremendously successful’

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Wrapping up his extensive tour of Asia, President Donald Trump on Tuesday hailed “tremendous amounts of work” on trade and said nations around the globe have been put on notice that the U.S. will demand improved trading conditions.

Trump told reporters in Manila that the “fruits of our labor are going to be incredible.” He was closing a nearly two-week trip through Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines that included one-on-one meetings with the leaders of those nations during which he stressed trade.

The president, who campaigned on shredding multilateral trade agreements he has deemed unfair, insisted during his travels that multibillion-dollar deficits that favor U.S. trading partners will be reduced to zero, and that trade overall must be fair and mutually beneficial.

“The United States has to be treated fairly and in a reciprocal fashion,” Trump tweeted before heading back to Washington, where he is scheduled to arrive later Tuesday. “The massive TRADE deficits must go down quickly!”

Trump told reporters before departing an international summit, “We’ve had a tremendously successful trip. Tremendous amounts of work was done on trade.”

Full Story: AP News


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