West Michigan Morning News Guest List 5-9-17


6:37am: Bill Zimpfer, NBC News Radio, Foreign Desk. Elections are once again in the news. This time South Koreans are in the spotlight as they take to the polls. The leading issue might not be North Korea either as Bill will explain.

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7:07am: Curt Benson, professor emeritus WMU Cooley Law. Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larson has been nominated by President Trump for the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. How does the process predict the next step? Gov. Snyder will hold the record for appointing justices by far.

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7:37am: Dan Dickerson, Tigers Tuesday, brought to you by Sundance Grill with two Grand Rapids locations. The Tigers open two on the road against the D-backs then four against the Angels starting tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

Find the Tigers schedule: HERE.

8:07am: John Decker, Fox News Radio, White House. Former Attorney General Sally Yates and former director of national intelligence testify about Trump/Russia/Flynn today. John will help us discern what was revealed.

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8:37am: Luke Petsch, HQ Runaway and Homeless Youth Drop In Center. Wednesday night and all-star iHeart Media West Michigan team will compete in Air To Care (including Shmitty). We'll learn more about this resource in West Michigan and about the fundraiser where you are encouraged to attend.

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