Michigan City Tops List Of 10 Best Cities In America

Niche.com studied the best cities in America & can you believe that they say Ann Arbor, MI is the BEST place to live???

They looked at factors including cost of living, crime rates, how good the school districts are, the weather & how long an average commute takes.

Still believe Ann Arbor wins?

Here's the Top 10

1.  Ann Arbor, Michigan.


2.  Naperville, Illinois, just outside Chicago.


3.  Arlington, Virginia.


4.  Columbia, Maryland, outside Baltimore.


5.  Berkeley, California. 


6.  The Woodlands, Texas, just north of Houston.


7.  Plano, Texas.


8.  Overland Park, Kansas, just outside Kansas City.


9.  Boulder, Colorado.


10.  Irvine, California.  About 45 miles southeast of L.A.



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