West Michigan's Morning News Guest List 4/11/17

Missed West Michigan's Morning news this morning? No worries! You can read all about it here:

6:37am: Brian Wheeler, Senior Public Information Director, Consumers  Energy. An incorrect story was reported that Consumers was buying a  nuclear power plant in Michigan. Brian will help us set the recored  straight and give us the latest on possible damaging storms moving  through West Michigan.

Read more here: Correction: Consumers Energy-Natural Gas Story 

7:07am: Curt Benson, law professor. Just when you thought the story of  former representative Cindy Gramrat had gone away...she's now suing for  back pay, distress and humiliation. Gamrat says she agreed to be  centured, not removed. Just what is she looking for and how strong is  her case?

Read more: Ex-Michigan lawmaker expelled in sex scandal sues for back pay

7:37am: Dan Dickerson, Tigers Tuesday. The Tigers' season is off to a great start on WOOD Radio. Dan will talk about the team and we'll tell you how to win tickets to Thursday's game at Comerica Park.

8:07am: Simon Owen, Fox News Radio, London. Secretary of State Rex  Tillerson looks to pressure Russia to reconsider Assad support after  airstrikes and in the light of the G7 summit. How will Tillerson be  received? What sort of support does he have?

Read more here: Tillerson, G7 ministers look to pressure Russia to reconsider Assad support

8:37am: Rachel Sutherland, Fox News Radio, Washington D.C. President  Trump is reportedly rethinking tax plans. What sort of changes is he  looking at? Why is he reconsidering things in the first place? Is the  administration really back at square one because of the health care  failure?

Read more here: Trump administration back to square one on tax reform


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