West Michigan's Morning News Guest List 4/10/17

6:37am:  Chris Harper, professor at GVSU, senior accountant at Hungerford Nichols. In this week's tax segment, Chris will highlight what you can write off for moving expenses. As a follow up to last week's segment on buying or selling a house, this is must hear info if you plan to move someday as well.

6:46am: Terry Moore, Michigan Golf Writers Hall of Fame. Masters 2017. You'll have heard the winners and losers by now, but what didn't you know about this year's tournament from a Michigan writer's point of view?

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7:07am:  Jill Schlesinger, CBS News Business Analyst, host of Jill on Money. What can we learn from the stormy March jobs report? What else will affect your money this week? 

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7:37am:  Congressman Bill Huizenga. Your Lakeshore congressman has shown support for President Trump's airstrikes in Syria. What is the latest? Also, Huizenga is having a town hall in West Michigan on Tuesday. We'll tell you what you need to know.

8:07am:  Edward "Ed" Turzanski, Fox News Radio, National Security Analyst. International community reacts to U.S. bombing of Syrian airfield. How is the president's action being received? What message does the bombing sent other countries like North Korea?

8:37am:  Professor Alan Saxe, University of Texas at Arlington Political Science. On Friday the Senate confirmed Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. He'll fill the vacancy Monday. What is the significance of the "nuclear option" moving forward In the Senate? Given this key victory for conservatives, what battles lie ahead?

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