West Michigan's Morning News Guest List 4/4/17

6:37AM: Simon Owen, Fox News Radio- live update on the bombings in St. Petersburg, person responsible has been identified as death toll rises to 14 & another train station is closed this AM due to a bomb threat


7:07AM: Alexandra DeSanctis, Fox News Radio- confirmation battle over Judge Neil Gorsuch passes the Judiciary Committee and is headed to the Senate where Democrats say they will filibuster. Will this lead to a nuclear option for the GOP?


7:37AM: West Michigan's Morning News Team- you've made it through Day 1 of Spring Break, but if you're on a staycation, here's what the family can do the rest of the week in W. Michigan

8:07AM: Steve Futterman, CBS News- live from Phoenix as the North Carolina Tar Heels have won the Men's NCAA Championship 


8:37AM: Dan Dickerson, Detroit Tigers Insider- the season opener in Chicago was rained out, what should we look for from the Tigers today in make-up play?


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