West Michigan's Morning News Guest List For 3/29/17

6:37AM: Sabrina Posky, IRA & Special Accounts Supervisor LMCU- what are the qualifications for a Health Savings Account and how can you take the most advantage of this plan

7:07AM: Jeff Gilbert, CBS News Auto Analyst- Ford announced a $1.9 billion investment in MI, where will that money go and when does production begin on the Bronco and Ranger?


7:37AM: John Kailunas- 3 big financial mistakes you want to avoid

  • Thinking that you don’t need a budget (or it’s impossible to follow one for your situation)
  • Relying on credit card debt to pay for lifestyle choices
  • Not paying attention to fees on financial products 

8:07AM: Eric Hultgren, Director of Social Media and Content Marketing MLive- Samsung releases the Galaxy S8 today, with lots of changes is this the smart phone for you? And what carriers have it for the best deal?


8:37AM: Jeff Monoso, Fox News Radio- a judge has approved money for new water lines to help combat the Flint Water Crisis, what agencies will pay out?


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