Guest List For West Michigan's Morning News 3/28/17

6:37AM: Simon Owen, Fox News Radio London- days after a rare sign of defiance from Russia, the organizer has been jailed, what comes next from the state?

7:07AM: Maj. Mike Lyons- over 200 from the 82nd Airborne are headed to Mosul, what do more boots on the ground mean for our fight against ISIS?


7:37AM: Dan Dickerson, Tigers Tuesday- the season starts in just a few days, what can we expect this year? Already thinking about the World Series!

8:07AM: Dr. Judy Smith, Chief of Spectrum Health Cancer Center- Is cancer unavoidable? There are still simple things we can do for prevention as well as new discoveries in prevention, detection & treatment

8:37AM: Meijer teams with SHIPT- reps will outline a brand new home delivery service for groceries coming to W. Michigan


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