Guest List For West Michigan's Morning News For 3/21/17

6:37AM: West Michigan's Morning News team- what is your bucket list concert? The Who coming to Van Vandel Arena & we have win 'em before you can buy 'em tickets all week long!

7:07AM: David Wilson, Asset Health CEO, senior advisor to One Nation Health Coalition- some verbiage could be changing in the Republican's plan for Affordable Healthcare, what would be the changes?


7:37AM: Simon Owen, Fox News Radio London- the World Happiness Report is out and Norway ranks #1 The United States falls again to #14, how can we become a happier country?

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8:07AM: Curt Benson, The Lawyers- Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing begins today in the Senate Judiciary Committee


8:37AM: Showspan- the Cottage & Lakefront Living Show kicks off this weekend


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