West Michigan's Morning News for Tuesday March 14, 2017

Here's what happened on today's edition of West Michigan's Morning News for Tuesday March 14, 2017:

6:37AM:  Sharon Reid, NBC News Radio, New York. Flights are cancelled, grocery store shelves are bare, extra road crews are out...a nor'easter is headed to areas from Washington D.C, New York and New England for the next 24 hours.

6:46AM:  Rick Vuyst, Live from Long Island, NY. After our conversation with the New York reporter, Rick will help put the storm in perspective in West Michigan terms. 

7:07AM:  Tim Mroz, Vice President, Marketing and Communication, The Right Place. The group made the announcement today that they've helped land California Closets in West Michigan. Tim will help explain that this $5.7million investment will lead to some 61 jobs right here at home.

7:37AM:  Rachel Sutherland, Fox News Radio, Washington, D.C. Rachel will share the latest on the president's temporary executive order on immigration

8:07AM: Steve, Bret, Rick, and Shmitty:  What the NCAA tournament means for workplace productivity....good, bad, or otherwise.

8:37AM Terry Mills, Michigan Basketball analyst. (awaiting confirmation) The Wolverines go into the NCAA Tournament as a 7 seed in the Midwest. Terry will help us explain what to expect and help us promote our coverage.


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