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West Michigan Live w/ Justin Barclay

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Biden Bombs on Kimmel and Takes Another Trip - 6-9-22


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The Big Three 6-9-22

1 Kent County Prosecutor, Chris Becker, will announce at 3 this afternoon whether charges will be filed in the death of Patrick Lyoya.

Becker was awaiting the Michigan State Police to complete their investigation and for additional information from the maker of the body camera the officer was wearing.

Lyoya died after a struggle with a Grand Rapids Police Officer during a traffic stop back in April.

Patrick ran from the officer, fought with him, & grabbed his taser. He was shot while that weapon was in his hand.

His blood-alcohol level was nearly 4X the legal limit at the time. 8 in the morning.

2 After previously vetoing a bill that would’ve paused the 27 cent / gallon Michigan state gas tax,

Is Governor Whitmer finally ready to make a deal?

The Republican-led Senate passed a that would pause both the 27-cent per gallon gas tax and the sales tax on fuel.

Whitmer has said previously that she prefers sending $500 checks to residents of Michigan during an election year.

High gas prices aren’t just hitting you in your wallet. They’re packing a punch for law enforcement in one county in the state too.

The Isabella County Sherriff’s department announced yesterday that because they’ve already exhausted their fuel budget for the year, they will be handling some of the calls for help that don’t appear to be life threatening or don’t require evidence collection over the phone instead of dispatching a deputy.

AAA now has the national average at

The Michigan state average sits at $5.21

3 Protestors were back outside Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh’s, house last night just hours after a disturbed leftist was arrested threatening his life.

The 26-year-old called police and said he wanted to murder a Supreme Court justice and kill himself, prosecutors said yesterday. He faces attempted murder charges.

The California man was “upset” that the court may soon release an opinion that would overturn Roe V Wade.

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