Rally for a Michigan Audit today in Lansing - FULL SHOW 10-12-21


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Patriots are gathering in the State Capital to demand election integrity.

Also Trent Knibbe joins in for Tech Talk Tuesday powered by the Affordable iStore.

And Robb Munger joins in to talk about The Roof Sit.

The Big Three 10-12-21

1 New study finds aspirin can significantly cut COVID risks — and even death.

The simple, over-the-counter aspirin may be able to protect COVID-19 patients from extreme risk, including the need for mechanical ventilation,the Jerusalem Postreported.

The report noted that an aspirin regimen in more than 400 COVID-19 patients in hospitals across the United States cut the need for ventilation by 44%, slashed ICU admission by 43%, and reduced overall in-hospital mortality rates by 47%.

2 Southwest Airlines cancelled hundreds more flights yesterday. They say it’s due to weather not a pilot “sickout” over jab mandates.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issuedan executive order banning all state entities, including private employers,from enforcing vaccine mandates 

The order states that no groups or businesses can enforce the vaccine against anyone who objects "for any reason of personal conscience."

3 The Michigan redistricting panel voted yesterday to advance several drafts for new congressional and legislative maps.

The panel is made of four democrats, four republicans, and four non-partisans.

They now advance to hearings for public comment.

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