Explosive News out of Antrim County - FULL SHOW 6-9-21

The Lab Leak Theory is gaining steam, even among liberals.

Attorney Matt DePerno has the latest shocking new evidence from Antrim County.

Sign an affidavit and demand the Michigan Legislature perform a full forensic audit as states like Arizona and others have. 3,000 have already been signed.

Contact Matt at DepernoLaw.com

1 Cleveland clinic study of over 52,000 employees shows unvaccinated people who have had COVID 19 have no difference in re-infection rate than people who had COVID 19 and who took the jab.

Sen Rand Paul tweeted: "This information frees up millions of doses of vaccines for those not yet infected in places with vaccine shortages like India.

The immune response to natural infection is highly likely to provide protective immunity even against the SARS-CoV-2 variants.

Thus, recovered COVID-19 patients are likely to better defend against the variants than persons who have not been infected but have been immunized with spike-containing vaccines only."

2 Text messages, unearthed days after President Biden's emotional Tulsa speech decrying racism, reveal Hunter Biden used the n-word multiple times in banter with his white lawyer.

3 A man suspected of a crime spree in Isabella County will be back in court today after being arraigned yesterday.

Isaiah Gardenhire is charged with a laundry list of violent crimes, including the murder of a 13-year-old girl and the sexual assaults of two women.

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