Hackers Take Down Huge Websites This Morning - FULL SHOW 6-8-21


The Vice President's visit to Central America is going about as well as you could expect...

Trent Knibbe joins in for Tech Talk Tuesday to talk about the massive hack going on this morning. Tech Talk Tuesday is powered by the Affordable iStore.

The Big Three 6-8-21

1 Moderna wants to shoot your kids up with the experimental jab. They say 5-year-olds could get the shot by fall. 

A reminder: it’s not FDA approved. It’s currently being given out under emergency use authorization.

Why are some so quick to experiment on children given the fact that children rarely get sick from the virus?

2 Investigators have recovered millions in cryptocurrency ransom they say was paid to hackers whose attack prompted last month’s Colonial Pipeline shutdown.

Meanwhile Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm says enemies are capable of shutting down US power grid.

3 The Supreme Court unanimously ruled yesterday that the government can block immigrants with temporary protected status from applying for green cards if they entered the country unlawfully. 

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