Massive Facebook Hack and Censorship - FULL SHOW

Trent Knibbe joins in to talk about the massive hack of Facebook's user information and more on this Tech Talk Tuesday powered by the Affordable iStore.

Also Jose returns to talk about his experience being censored on Facebook.

The Big Three 4-6-21

1 Michigan is a national “hot spot” for COVID-19. Over the last seven days, with the highest case rate in the entire country.

The MDHHS reported 10,293 cases of COVID-19 along with 21 deaths for Sunday and Monday.

2 Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has declined an invitation to testify at a state Oversight Committee hearing regarding the 2020 elections.

Benson said she’s concerned the April 20 hearing could serve as a platform for misinformation on the election.

The invitation to testify comes as Senate Republicans are trying to pass a bill they say will improve election security. The bill includes stricter ID requirements and a shortened deadline for returning absentee ballots in drop boxes.

3 Is 80 in sight? We may crack that number. Sunshine and warmer weather over the next couple of days.

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