Election Integrity Update - New Documentary From Mike Lindell

Justin asks important questions about the COVID vaccines.

Also, Patrick Colbeck returns with more election fraud evidence from Mike Lindell.

The Big Three 4-1-21

1 President Biden unveiled a sweeping $2 trillion infrastructure plan yesterday.

The proposal, which would invest in a number of infrastructure challenges crippling the country, faces stiff opposition from Republicans in Congress.

Out of the roughly $2.3 trillion in new spending, only $650 billion is allocated for roads and bridges and general infrastructure. $80 billion -- that’s marked as a handout to Amtrak. The rest of the $2.3 trillion – that is dedicated to retrofitting millions of homes and hospitals and other buildings in an environmentally conscious way and other funds would go toward building new "green" schools. $400 billion -- of your hard-earned tax dollars -- of this so-called "infrastructure bill" would be used to expand Medicaid and, of course, billions more would be used to permanently cap… oil and gas wells.

2 Muskegon County has declared a state of emergency. The county says that COVID-19 remains an imminent threat to the public and cases have been on an upward trend since March 1. The state of emergency will be in place for the next week.

Michigan is reporting the highest number of COVID-cases per capita in America. The state saw more than 6,000 new cases Wednesday — the highest case total since December. And the positivity rate is still at more than 15%.

3 The Tigers are hosting 8,000 fans today at Comerica Park for opening day. The Tigers host the Cleveland Indians at 1 p.m.

Fans will be socially distanced and must complete a health survey ahead of time online. They will also not be able to pay for anything in cash.

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