Ranked: The states with the highest and lowest average credit card balance

By Alexandria White

If you have credit card debt, you’re not alone. On average, Americans carry $6,194 in credit card debt, according to the 2019 Experian Consumer Credit Review. And Alaskans have the highest credit card balance, on average $8,026.Carrying a balance month to month can be costly, especially if it’s on a high interest credit card. But you don’t have to struggle with debt forever. If you have good or excellent credit(scores 670 and above), you may qualify for a balance transfer credit card.

Top states with the highest credit card balance

While the average credit card balance is $6,194, Americans living in certain states carry much more. Alaskans take the top spot with an average credit card balance of $8,026. Meanwhile, many states on the East Coast have balances above the national average.

  1. Alaska:$8,026
  2. New Jersey:$7,084
  3. Connecticut:$7,082
  4. District of Columbia:$7,077
  5. Virginia:$6,969

Top states with the lowest credit card balance

The further you live from the coasts, the lower the average credit card balance, which is partially due to a lower cost of living. On average, Iowans have the lowest balance at $4,774.

  1. Iowa:$4,774
  2. Wisconsin:$4,961
  3. Mississippi:$5,134
  4. Kentucky:$5,140
  5. West Virginia:$5,144

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