Christians who refused to bake a cake for lesbian wedding are appealing $135,000 fine

Tucker Carlson spoke on Thursday night to a Christian couple who had to shut down their business because of a $135,ooo fine after they refused to serve a lesbian wedding. They appeared on his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, with their lawyer to discuss their appeal of that decision.

“Today, their case was heard by a state appeals court,” Carlson reported, “we’re joined tonight by the Kleins as well as Hiram Sasser, of the First Liberty Institute, which is representing them in court.”

“There’s been so much reporting on this,” Carlson said, “and so much of it has come from a very specific perspective that is hostile to you that I just want to establish what exactly happened. You all did not refuse to serve customers because they are gay, as I understand it, you merely refused to participate in any way in a ceremony you believe violated your religious beliefs. Is that a fair distinction?”

“Actually, Tucker, I kinda have to interrupt,” Sasser interjected. “Do you know there’s a gag order in this case, where it’s actually being interpreted by one of the commissioners at the Bureau of Labor and Industries that they can’t really talk about what actually happened. And so we have to be very careful because of this gag order.”

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