'Entity' Spotted in Google Earth Image of Argentina's Presidential Palace

An anomaly hunter scouring Google Earth images for strange and unusual sights spotted what he believes to be an alien roaming the halls of Argentina's presidential mansion. The very weird find was made by indefatigable UFO researcher Scott Waring as he was looking at the mapping service's street level and interior photos of the palatial estate known as Casa Resada, where the leader of Argentina resides. Much to his profound surprise, his virtual exploration of the site took a strange turn when he stumbled upon an image which seems to show an entity of some kind.

In the photo, what appears to be the almost transparent outline of a figure can be seen walking across a well-polished hallway in the palace. Based on some doorknobs visible in the image, Waring estimated that the eerie entity stands approximately three feet tall. In light of that, he argued that the 'visitor' was, in fact, "an alien that is cloaked and spying" on the Argentinian president Alberto Fernandez.

More on this very strange story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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