The IRS Wants to Track Every Single Cent of Your Money - FULL SHOW 9-17-21

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We look at a new proposal that would allow the IRS to track every transaction from a bank account with more than $600. Bill Huizenga explains.

Steve Redmond of Ottawa County Patriots invites you to his talk.

Also Patrick Colbek has the latest on the Arizona Audit.

And Rick Kloska of the West Catholic Touchdown Club joins in.

The Big Three 9-17-21

1 The AZ Senate plans to release the audit results next Friday Sept 24th at 1 pm on the Senate floor.  

2 Durham Grand Jury INDICTS lawyer Michael Sussmann whose firm represented Hillary Clinton campaign

The Special Counsel investigating the various frauds of Russiagate, John Dunham, has indicted a Perkins Coie lawyer for feeding a fake story about Trump and Alfa Bank to the FBI and media, then lying by denying he represented the Clinton campaign

A DNC-linked lawyer -- partners with Clinton lawyer Marc Elias -- fabricated a Trump/Russia link, fed it to DNC operatives masquerading as journalists, had Hillary trumpet it, then lied to FBI about who he worked for. 

That’s “Russiagate” in a nutshell.

3 Thousands of illegal immigrants, mostly from Haiti, are congregating under an international bridge in Texas while they wait to be processed by Border Patrol.

The illegal immigrants are spread out over a dirt lot strewn with litter, many sitting or lying on blankets. Others stand, chatting with companions.

Some 9,000 illegal immigrants, including Haitian, Cuban, and Venezuelan nationals, are in the area, Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez confirmed at 3:45 p.m. local time on Sept. 16.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said that he has directed the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard to “maintain their presence at and around ports of entry to deter crossings,” although it’s unclear how effective that will be in reducing numbers.

“The Biden Administration is in complete disarray and is handling the border crisis as badly as the evacuation from Afghanistan,” Abbott said in a statement Sept. 16.

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