Fauci Wants Hokey Pokey Mandates For Your Kids - FULL SHOW 9-14-21

Members Of Coronavirus Task Force Hold A Briefing At The White House

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Mask mandates, California's recall is sketchy, and Tech Talk Tuesday with Trent Knibbe powered by the Affordable iStore.

The Big Three 9-14-21

1 The Kent County Health Department is calling it an “Outbreak” at the Rockford High School Freshman Center. The principle says un-jabbed students and close contacts will be required to quarantine for 10 days.

2 An Ottawa County Board of Commissioners meeting will look a little different today. Rules have been reworked to avoid large crowds and what they’re calling a “disruptive atmosphere” in the administrative building.

Last month, hundreds of protesters gathered to demand an end to the health dept’s mask mandate in schools.

3 California’s recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom is happening today. But there are already reports of problems. People are showing up to cast their ballot and being told they’ve already voted. 70% at one precinct. CNN is already reporting that Republican Larry Elder’s campaign is making “baseless claims” of impropriety. 

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