Mandates Are Causing Staffing Shortages in HOSPITALS! - FULL SHOW 9-13-21

President Biden Delivers Remarks In Honor Of Labor Unions

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Biden's vaccine mandates are causing medical professionals to quit in the middle of a PANDEMIC!

The Big Three 9-13-21

1 Are more mandates and restrictions coming this week?

President Joe Biden will announce more COVID-19 measures before the U.N. General Assembly meets this week, according to U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

2 House Democrats are expected to release a draft proposal of their $3.5 trillion budget package today.Democrats are looking to raise taxes to pay for it, according to the latest details.

The budget plan probably won’t have any Republican support, but Democrats hope to approve it through reconciliation, which under Senate rules means it can pass without any GOP votes. 

3 The California recall election is entering its final stretch as voters prepare to head to the polls tomorrow to decide the fate of Gov. Gavin Newsom. All registered voters in the state got a mail-in ballot, and of the millions of votes already.

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