VIDEO: Nude Man Enters Michigan Woman's Home At Night, Cornered By Dogs

Photo: Getty Images

A Michigan woman woke up to her dogs barking and an intruder sitting in her home.

According to WOOD TV8, Angela Schreuder woke up Sunday (June 6) morning around 2 a.m. to her dogs barking. "When I jumped up, I could see the silhouette of someone sitting. All my lights were off... And he had his hands up over his head, and I flipped on the light, and that’s when I realized that he was fully nude," Schreuder said. 

Her two dogs cornered the man, and Schreuder yelled to her dad, who lives downstairs, to call the police.

She asked the man why he was in her home but wasn't receiving a reason.

"My fear turned to anger, and I was screaming at him like, what are you doing in my house? I wanted a response, and he was just sitting there naked. He didn't give me a response. I threw shorts at him to put on as I was waiting for the police to come get him out of my house," Schreuder told WOOD TV8 during an interview.

Schreuder has three children, but luckily that night, they were at their grandma's house. "If I'm tore up about this situation, I could only imagine the fear in my children that it would have instilled in them, in their own home with their mom and dad seeing me be helpless like here by myself with my disabled father. Not being able to do anything."

Schreuder usually keeps her doors locked, but she fell asleep after a late night of working; she forgot to lock her doors before falling asleep.

She also added that she has been having a hard time sleeping since the incident and is looking to press charges.

"For your actions, there's reactions, and there's consequences for that, and I just I'm paying for it. Mentally, I'm losing a lot more than what he is," Schreuder stated.

Police did not comment on why the man was nude or why he was in her home.