Fighting To Keep Racist Politics Out Of The O.R. - FULL SHOW 6-10-21

Abigail Nobel from Michigan Healthcare Freedom warns how Lansing politicians and bureaucrats are treating healthcare workers.

POluVID - Fauci: Attacks on me are attacks on science and the truth

The Big Three 6-10-2

1 The son of Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler will hold a press conference today and is expected to detail disturbing allegations against his father. Matt Schembechler and a pair of former players will speak at the conference at 1 p.m. They say Bo did not take action when they came to him about claims of sexual abuse against former team doctor Robert Anderson.

2 JUST IN - Meat producer JBS paid $11 million ransom in #Bitcoin (WSJ)

3 After years of stops and starts, the Keystone XL Pipeline is officially dead. The developer announced it is pulling the plug after the Biden administration revoked its permit in January

Gas is now $3.19 / gal in West Michigan

Consumer price index is up 5% year over year. Higher than expected.

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