Bee Sting Causes Semi-Truck To Overturn, Spilling Cheese Over The Roadway

An 18-wheeler hauling cheese from Idaho to Oregon overturned after the driver was stung by a bee. Authorities said the truck was traveling through the Columbia River Gorge in Bingen, Washington, when the driver was stung and lost control of his semi-truck, colliding with the guardrail.

The truck continued down the shoulder for nearly 300 feet before it flipped over, spilling cheese across the roadway. There were no other vehicles involved in the accident, and the driver was unharmed.

According to KOMO, some of the cheese fell down the embankment and landed in Rowland Lake. There was also a small diesel fuel leak, but crews managed to keep it from reaching the water.

Washington State Patrol District 5 Public Information Officer Will Finn had some fun, posting a pun-filled tweet along with a photo of the crash.

"A view from the scene of an overturned truck hauling cheese. The guardrail was #shredded during the crash. The driver is a little #blue after being cited but thankfully doing very #gouda! #DriveSafe," he tweeted.

Cleanup crews removed the cheese from the road and reopened the lanes to traffic, but officials said it could take up to two days to clean up the mess from the accident.

Finn did not say what violations the driver was cited for.

Photo: Washington State Patrol