Governor Whitmer works to enforce virus orders as 664 more cases confirmed


by: staff

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich, Mich. (WOOD) — State officials reported Michigan added eight more deaths linked to COVID-19 and on Monday confirmed 664 more cases of the virus, the latest state data showed.

Data showed the eight deaths included five found during a review of death certificates to find any that weren’t previously reported to the state. The state has been running those checks routinely multiple times each week for months.

Officials said the updated figures released Tuesday afternoon brought the total number of deaths to 6,220 and the total number of cases to 84,050 since the virus was first detected in Michigan in March.

Also on Tuesday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued an executive directive requiring each state department head to review how they are using resources to ensure enforcement of COVID-19 mitigation rules — namely the governor’s mandate to wear a mask anytime you are in a public place.

Whitmer cited an increase in the seven-average of new cases per million people per day from about 15 in mid-June to about 50 in late July.

In the statement issued Tuesday, Whitmer stated, “Ensuring these executive orders are enforced across the state will protect Michigan families, small businesses, and the first responders on the front lines of this crisis,” Whitmer said in the statement. “This fight is not over yet. During the month of July we saw an increase in positive COVID-19 cases in every region of the state. By allocating the appropriate and needed resources, we can continue to save lives and ensure we don’t have to move backward.”

Her order requires departments to put special focus on the types of places that have seen outbreaks, like nursing homes, meat processing plants and agricultural housing. It also orders department and agency directors to consider violations of the rules when considering licensing.