Medical Students Graduating Early To Help Fight Coronavirus

New York University Holds Commencement Ceremony At Yankee Stadium

Hospitals in New York are about to get some reinforcements as they struggle to deal with staffing shortages due to the global coronavirus pandemic. New York University's Grossman School of Medicine announced that it will be allowing some students to graduate about two months early, so they can join the front lines in the battle against COVID-19.

"In response to the growing spread of COVID-19, and in response to Governor [Andrew] Cuomo's directive to get more physicians into the health system more quickly, NYU Grossman School of Medicine and NYU have agreed to permit early graduation for its medical students," school officials said in the statement.

The students must be cleared by the New York Department of Education and other regulatory bodies before they can begin practicing medicine. Officials did not say how many students would qualify for early graduation, or when they can be expected to start working.

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