Jury considers 2013 Plaza Towers flood liability


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — After more than five hours of closing arguments and two weeks in court, a jury will decide whether the city of Grand Rapids is on the hook for millions of dollars in damage done to Plaza Towers in the historic 2013 flood.

As the Grand River overflowed its banks in spring 2013, it left a virtual lake in the basement and garage of the downtown Grand Rapids high-rise. Cars were submerged, power went out, tenants were evacuated and the place was temporarily condemned.

The building association, owners and insurance company sued the city of Grand Rapids, blaming a hole cut into the flood wall to allow access to a riverside sculpture park. The city argued it was protected from the suit by an agreement signed during Plaza Towers construction and also said the flooding was the result not of the hole, but rather of building atop a city sewer line.

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