Founders promises 3 years of donations in Detroit


DETROIT (WOOD) — In the wake of a damaging racial discrimination lawsuit, Founders Brewing Co. says it will donate all of the profits from its Detroit taproom to the community for the next three years.

“What we’re really striving to do here is to work with the community, we want to work with fellow Detroiters, we want to work with the neighborhoods, we want to work with our staff and understand where we should deploy those funds so that we really engage with the community in a very serious way,” brewery co-founder Mike Stevens said during a Thursday press conference in Detroit. “So out of all of this — as we all know, the last couple of weeks have been tough — we see a great future for Founders and great future for our taproom and how we can impact the community of Detroit.”

Stevens said the donations could total more than $2 million.

“Is it costly? That’s not the point here,” he said. “The point is really trying to connect in an honest way with the community and listening to the community and being part of it an real way.”

Stevens and co-founder Dave Engbers said the Detroit taproom, which was shut down late last month, is expected to reopen next year after a new general manager is hired — perhaps in January or February. They hope the new general manager will be a member of the Detroit community.

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