Bye, bedbugs: Grand Rapids Public Library cooking books


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Grand Rapids Public Library is stepping up its fight against bedbugs at all branches by “cooking” all books patrons return.

Library workers have been visually inspecting and heat-treating books that contained bedbugs for a while, GRPL spokeswoman Kristen Corrado said.

“I would say this is pretty much protocol in most urban libraries just because we’re all dealing with the same thing,” said Corrado.

But GRPL recently took it a step further, heat-treating all returned books after a Madison Square branch patron returned material infested with bedbugs in early October.

“When this patron came in, we just wanted to make sure,” she added.

Corrado said any visitor with buggy books also won’t be allowed into the library until they can prove their home has been properly cleaned.

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