Partnership helps kids hit the slopes at Cannonsburg

CANNON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A partnership between Cannonsburg Ski Area and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital allowed a group of kids with special abilities to hit the slopes on Saturday.

Specialized equipment like downhill ski sleds and arm riggers helped to ensure that children of all abilities shredded down the slopes.

Jane Weatherford is no stranger to the challenges her son, Cam, faces. While he is typically bound to his power chair, on Saturday, he was free.

“Having that freedom. Like anyone else, skiing,” Weatherford said. “Having that freedom of sitting and being able to go down the hill like everybody else on skis, it's incredible."

No mogul too sick, no bump too gangly.

“What’s important for us, too, is that community at large sees the inclusiveness and the inclusion of people who normally don't have the ability to do things like this,” Weatherford said. 

Things any kid would enjoy like something just as simple as freedom – and going fast.

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