Muskegon River flooding eases, but more ice jams possible

BRIDGETON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — While ice jam flooding is easing along the Muskegon River in Bridgeton, the frigid temperatures gripping West Michigan could lead to more ice jams this week. 

National Weather Service hydrologist Andy Dixon tells 24 Hour News 8 the Muskegon River in Bridgeton rose 6 feet from Friday night through Saturday night. The river crested at 13.8 feet early Sunday morning, slightly above its flood stage of 13 feet.

Dixon says the river’s water level is slowly dropping and should continue to do so over the next few days with no major flooding expected.

Dixon said ice jams are typical when rivers freeze up and small chunks of ice working their way downstream get stuck, typically on sharp riverbends, shallow spots or where the river narrows.  

With potentially record-setting cold weather in the forecast, ice formation will continue and river levels may rise higher than expected. 

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