WML Show Notes, Friday: Winter Weather, Life-Saving Opioid Drug Treatment

Today on WML, Justin talks to listeners for Free for all Friday, Bill Steffen and the winter weather advisory and Meghan Bunchman with the news of the week. He also talks to Major Garrett, Chief White House Correspondent at CBS News about the Takeout Podcast and Mike Koelzer about the life-saving opioid overdose treatment drug.


Free For all Friday 

 Gillette commercial controversy: Men should just get over it and adapt to #MeToo era

Gillette Makes Waves With Controversial New Ad Highlighting 'Toxic Masculinity'


Bill's Blog

 Winter Weather Advisory


Meghan Bunchman Twitter

 Police: Don't call 911 for fender benders

Winter weather's return causes havoc on roads


Major Garrett Twitter

Takeout Podcast Twitter 

 The Takeout Podcast on iTunes

White House Treats National Champion Clemson Tigers to Fast Food Cheat Day

4 celebrities offering to treat Clemson to a real champions' dinner


FDA clears the way to increase access and lower cost of life-saving opioid overdose treatment drug


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