Docs: Woman jailed in Muskegon dumped dead man's car

MUSKEGON, Mich. (KXAN/WOOD) — A woman in the Muskegon County jail helped dump a dead man’s vehicle in Austin, Texas, authorities say.

Maya Maxwell is facing a charge of tampering with evidence in the disappearance of Michael Swearingin. On Thursday, police in Temple, Texas confirmed they found Swearingin’s body in Oklahoma, along with the body of 28-year-old Jenna Scott.

Maxwell is the girlfriend of 44-year-old Cedric Marks. Marks, who previously dated Scott, was arrested on Jan. 8 in Grand Rapids for allegedly breaking into Scott’s Temple, Texas home in August. KXAN reports the crime happened a few days after Scott filed to renew her personal protection order against Marks, which a judge denied Sept. 17.

Maxwelll was booked into the Muskegon County jail three days after Marks.

According to a Bell County arrest affidavit obtained by KXAN, Maxwell became a person of interest in the case for "having last seen Swearingin's vehicle.” The affidavit says Maxwell told detectives she knew Swearingin’s vehicle had been stolen and that she helped dump it in Austin on Jan. 3 "in hopes to conceal it from law enforcement."

So far Temple police have not identified Marks as a person of interest in Scott and Swearingin's homicides.


In her protective order filed on July 28, Scott said she met Marks through a dating app in 2015. She said that as their relationship progressed, she "became aware of his manipulative and deceitful nature."

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