Icy sidewalks could lead to fines for GR property owners


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Grand Rapids property owners, be warned: If you don’t clear your sidewalk soon, you could be fined.

Icy sidewalks were one of the big reasons Grand Rapids Public Schools canceled classes Wednesday. The walk to school was too risky for some students.

“We’re finding that with the ice that we recently had that they’re not as walkable as they should be. So we’re really asking residents and property owners to help partner with us to really make sure our neighborhoods… stay safe so students and folks that need to walk to work or get to the bus can do so safely,” said Amy Snow-Buckner with the city of Grand Rapids.

Snow-Buckner says it’s the responsibility of a property owner to ensure the full width of the sidewalk lining their property is clear down to the concrete within 24 hours of a snow or ice event.


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