Northview schools promotes National Mentor Month year round

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — January is National Mentor Month, a time to promote youth mentoring. At Northview Public Schools, youth mentoring is promoted year round.

The program, which is called the Mentor Program, began about 13 years ago. At first, only 30 mentors were a part of the program. Now, more than 200 have joined.

Mentors are community members who decided to volunteer for the program. A student who signs up for the program is paired with a mentor. The two meet for 15 minutes a week at the student's school. 

"It's really just a hey, how's your week going, I care about you," said Janine Conway, Northview Mentor Program Director. "In many instances we found that that mentor is that one person in their life that is consistent, that is there every week and actually helps them navigate life and make it through."

Scott Dood and Cole Besemer have been a pair through The Mentor Program for about four years. Dood is Besemer's mentor. Dood said he usually brings Besemer a snack then they sit down and talk about a variety of topics. 

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