Gov. Whitmer signs directive tackling gender pay gap

LANSING — Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is working on curbing the wage gap between men and women employed by state government. 

The executive directive signed into action on Tuesday calls for change. 

Asking about salary histories perpetuates gender wage gaps because employers can continue to offer lower salaries to women than they otherwise would, Whitmer said in a release.

"It's pretty simple, women deserve equal pay for equal work,” Whitmer said. "Women in  Michigan earn 78 cents for every dollar men make for doing the same job, and it’s time for that to change."

There are approximately 49,000 state employees, according to the most recent workforce report. Of those thousands, 53.4% are female.

Tuesday’s directive is the 10th Whitmer has signed since taking office.

Source: Lansing State Journal



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