A father's plea on anniversary of son's disappearance

MUSKEGON COUNTY, Mich. (WOOD) -- It has been a year since a 36-year-old Muskegon County man went missing and still there are no answers. 

A father of five, a brother and a son — Justin Lee Holt was 35 when he simply vanished leaving no clues to his disappearance and leaving police and his loved ones to wonder. 

“His shoes were here, his jacket was here, his glasses, his cigarettes and they says ‘well, he probably walked away,’ he didn’t walk away,” said Patrick Platt, Holt’s dad. 

 Justin Holt had spent the holidays with his family, his mother, his two brothers and the man who raised him from infancy. 

But on Jan. 3 of last year, Holt was supposed to take his mom to the store and didn’t show sending family to his home near Clear Lake in northern Muskegon County. 

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