City of Warren spends $125,000 to fight rats in I-696 construction zone

By Dave Bartkowiak Jr.

WARREN, Mich. - The city of Warren is spending thousands of dollars to battle rats due to the ongoingI-696 construction project. 

The office of Mayor Jim Fouts said the city is spending $125,000 to bait rats that are fleeing the construction zone, which runs six miles east to west through the middle of Warren. The mayor's office said a rat contractor has set up 128 bait boxes trap locations and individual traps along the eastbound and westbound fence lines on I-696.

"The average bait consumed by rats is 41.5 percent from one inspection to the next one," reads a statement from Fouts. "If we didn't have this baiting program, the rats would be in our neighborhoods."

The bait box program actually began last April and will continue until I-696 construction is completed, Fouts said. The heavy pounding and excavation causes rats to seek shelter, food and water elsewhere, said the mayor.



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