Boil water advisory for Kalamazoo

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) —  A precautionary boil water advisory was  issued for part of Kalamazoo Monday following a water main break.

The affected area includes portions of North Sage Street and West Main Street in the city of Kalamazoo and Kalamazoo Township. 

Business and properties affected include:

  • Sage  St. – From West Main St. to half way to Valley Ridge Dr., both sides of  street.  Includes apartments & businesses at the following  addresses: 318, 315, 325, & 401 N. Sage St.
  • West Main St. –  From Sage St. to approximately 300 feet east, the south side of the  street. Includes the following businesses:  Escape Nail Spa, China  Kitchen, Tropical Café, Papa Murphy’s, and The Hanger.

The  advisory is precautionary. There have not been any tests showing  bacteria present in the water main at the location of the repair,  according to the release.

Water  main breaks cause a drop in water pressure that can allow bacteria to  enter the system, which is why the advisory was issued as a precaution.  Testing later confirmed the water was safe.

Initial sampling  results will be available within 24 hours and the final set within 48  hours, according to the release. The city expects the advisory will be  lifted by Dec. 27.

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