Holland company among top donors to Trump wall GoFundMe

The “We the People Will Fund the Wall” GoFundMe page has a goal of raising $1 billion dollars to help pay for the border wall. The veteran who started the page says if every person who voted for Trump donates $80, the wall would be paid for.

Holland-based Fortress Stabilization Systems donated $12,000 to the fundraising page, second only to an anonymous donor’s contribution of $50,000.

“It’s a legitimate cause,” said Ed Wheatley, who owns Fortress Stabilization Systems.

More than 200,000 private donors have raised millions of dollars for the wall. It averages to $61 per donation.

“I just sat there and I have no idea why I picked 12,000, honestly,” Wheatley told 24 Hour News 8.He says it is his duty to help fund the border wall.

“I believe we need to get a wall to help for the safety of our country,” Wheatley explained. “I’ve got grandchildren I’m worried about.”

Lawmakers and Trump appear to be deadlocked over funding a border wall as a government shutdown looms.  

If Congress does decide to fund the wall, Wheatley says he doesn’t want his money back.

More via WOODTV


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