Local STEM teacher's top Christmas toys unplug the gifts

HEATH TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — In a busy and loud classroom, tucked in the back corner of Hamilton Elementary School, a dozen young students are happily excluded from their early morning class. Their new assignment — test out toys.

The sets of gadgets and toys are spread across four tables, a counter and the floor. The kids don't realize, not only are they testing the 2018 Mr. Losik Christmas Toy List, they're also learning.

"It’s funny when I introduce a lot of new stuff, one of the first things they ask is where can we buy this? Where would you buy that? How much is that, how can I get that," Hamilton STEM teacher Andy Losik said. "That’s a great signal to me as a teacher when they are loving what we are doing, that they are wanting to go home and continue playing with it and working with it."

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