Forbes Releases List of World's Highest-Paid Radio Hosts For 2018

By Hayley C. Cuccinello    Forbes Staff   

The self-proclaimed “King of All Media” reigns supreme in the radio world.

Howard Stern, on the third year of his eight-figure contract with  SiriusXM, earned an estimated $90 million in our 12-month scoring  period, before taxes and fees. The shock jock is once again the world’s  highest-paid radio host.

Stern narrowly beats America’s most-listened-to radio host Rush  Limbaugh, who made $84.5 million. Both Stern and Limbaugh are making  moves in the digital space. Devoted fans can now watch Stern on  SiriusXM’s new video service which features highlights from Stern’s  30-year-plus video library. This past January, Limbaugh released his  first mobile app, which gave a subscription boost to his digital  platform, Rush 24/7.

iHeartMedia host Ryan Seacrest rounds out the top three with a $74  million haul, a massive uptick over last year’s $58 million due to the  return of American Idol—and his eight-figure paycheck. The host  and producer is busier than ever despite an accusation of sexual  misconduct surfacing earlier this year. (Seacrest denied the claims; an  investigation found insufficient evidence to support the allegations,  which came from a former stylist.)

Fox News star Sean Hannity, who places fourth, is one of the few radio hosts whose radio earnings are on the rise. Hannity  earned $36 million in our scoring period with contracts for Fox and  Premiere estimated at $15 million and $20 million respectively and  adding to his bottom line with speaker fees. 

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