With The Passing Of President Bush, What's Next For His Service Dog Sully?


Sully, a yellow Labrador service dog who worked with the late, former President George H.W. Bush, is on one final mission with his master, and will be traveling with Bush's casket on his flight from Houston to Washington D.C. according to a source familiar with the plans. 

Bush, who died Friday night at his home at a gated community in Houston, is being taken to the nation's Capitol where the 41st President will lie in state beginning on Wednesday.

Accompanying the president's body is his former service dog, a Labrador named Sully. Jim McGrath, a spokesperson for Bush, shared a photo of Sully lying next to Bush's casket on Sunday with the caption "Mission complete."

Shannon Walker, President of Battle Buddies - Northwest, stopped by West Michigan Live to talk about service dogs and what's next for Sully, the late President's service dog


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