13 reasons why the state of Michigan is better than Ohio

By Ken Haddad

DETROIT - It's Michigan-Ohio State week, which means it's time to reflect on how great the state of Michigan is, compared to Ohio.

We do share a lot, like, a border and the need for oxygen. But there's so much more that makes Michigan better. Here's a long list:

We have the beer

Michigan's beer industry has been booming in the last decade, leaving Ohio beer in the dust. Ohio has 1.5 breweries per capita, 23rd in the nation. Michigan has 4.5 per capita, 11th in the nation, with 330 craft breweries, ranking fourth in the nation. (Brewers Association)

We have the pizza

In 2017, Michigan-based pizza chains accounted for four of the top 15 pizza chains in the country. Ohio had one -- Marco's Pizza -- which is Toledo based. So it's basically a Michigan chain.

We have the championships

Michigan (Detroit) has enjoyed plenty of sports success, racking up 22 major sports championships, which is the fifth most for any North American city. Cleveland has had nine and Cincinnati has had five. And it'd be one less if LeBron wasn't such a nice guy. 

We have the better sports teams

In every category we could find, Detroit sports teams have outperformed Cleveland sports teams historically. 

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