W. MI communities saying 'no' to legal weed sales

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Election officials say recreational marijuana should become legal by Dec. 6 after the votes are certified by the state board of canvassers. 

But while smoking and possessing it will be legal in Michigan, selling it will be left up to local municipalities, and many in West Michigan are already saying no. 

Voters in Michigan gave their approval to recreational marijuana, but results varied city-to-city and county-to-county. For some of those municipalities, opposition was strong before the vote and has not subsided. 

If you are curious about the attitude about legalized marijuana sales in Hudsonville, Mayor Mark Northrup is glad to fill you in. 

“I don’t want marijuana in my community, I don’t wanna sell it, I don’t wanna see it, I don’t wanna smell it,” Northrup said. “You wanna do it in the basement of your house with your medical marijuana card, that’s your business.” 

The city announced its intention in a Facebook post this week. 

“Nothing good is going to come from this and we are putting a line in the sand – we don’t want it here, we don’t need it here,” Northrup said. 

The Hudsonville City Commission is waiting until the certification, and then it will pass a resolution opting out of the sale of marijuana within the city limits. 

The mayor says the commission is acting according to the wishes of their constituency, which voted 2-to-1 against the proposal – about 2,400 to 1,200. 

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