Ford Airport: Arrive earlier to cope with construction

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Construction crews are back at work  at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport as Phase ll of the $45 million Gateway Transformation Project gets underway.

Phase l focused on the back of the airport, adding a consolidated screening area, a Starbucks after the security checkpoint, a new restaurant and upgraded flooring and lighting.

"We  keep hearing all these positive comments about how wonderful the  airport looks. We have the new Prospect Hill, more restrooms, more  business centers, things like that,” said airport spokesperson Tara  Hernandez. “It really just opened up our space and made it more  reflective of West Michigan. Now we are moving to the front of house.”

The  most immediate impact of Phase II work will be on those picking up and  dropping off travelers at the Ford Airport. A large portion of the curb  lane will be closed, creating more congestion at other drop-off points. 

The layout of the airport won't change, but it will be getting a face-lift and more amenities.

"A  lot of this (outdoor) space is going to be enclosed, where we are  adding some new restaurants and restrooms,” Hernandez explained.

Also part of the $18 million Phase II project: the airport will be moving its big, bulky bag scanners out of passengers’ view.

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