Restoring the Mind and Bodies of Veterans with VetGR

A West Michigan organization is helping veterans get back on their feet with help from others who have served. 

Jesse Johnson-Brower, an Army veteran who once struggled himself, created VetGR, a nonprofit organization aimed at helping struggling veterans get back on their feet. 

VetGR is here to add value, offer recovery, and grow significance for our veterans. The organization is leading the way in veteran assistance by offering top programs, led by top professionals, while showing the veterans the upmost respect and gratitude. 

VetGR guests take part in a holistic one year program of growth and reconstruction. Guests will take part in 24 PTSGR sessions with Mental Health Director Dr. David Beach D.M in where they are guided through their shattered assumptive world into their new life of significance.

More information can be found at

Jesse Johnson-Brower and Dr. David Beach stopped by West Michigan Live to talk about the great things VetGr is doing for local veterans and how you can get involved with the organization

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